You mean the melody?

Just experiment with some chords and frets and you'll get something like that. You really need to learn some melodic songs however, if you can learn songs by ear, go listen to some 7 angels 7 plagues. I find their melodies quite easy. Misery signals has some good melodies as well, and there are a couple of tabs around. Learning this will help you get an idea of what you gotta play.

You shouldn't try to sound like other bands. That's what's screwing up the metalcore/hardcore scene...so many bands made just to sound like others. Play your own thing.
I think he is referring to guitar tone and EQ'ing.

If that's the case...mids...plenty of mids.

You'll also needs some chorus and delay pedals.
yea i didn't mean i wanted to make a band that sounded exactly like them I just really love their guitarist's tone.