I have been playing for about 5 -6 months now and i practice everyday .....

but lately it seems like i have not been improving at all.....

i want to become a good lead guitarist........but it seems like i do not know what to practice sometimes...

any ideas for what to practice to become a good lead guitarist?

any exercises that will make be better?

thanks in advance
all i can say is to practice scales
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Learn a lot of songs. Try learning some easy solos too.. and some easy classical songs

any suggestions for some songs that would benifit my guitar playing
dude, ull improve DRASTICLLY at t one point, ull be able to play faster and stuff like that, when it hit me it hit hard, ull start to understand more, but dont stop practicing scales and learn new songs.
anything else that might benifit my guitar playing? exercises? any specific scale?
Learn to make the movements you wish to make on guitar, SLOWLY. VERY SLOWLY. Focus on relaxing into the movement as much as you can. Then use a metronome and gradually do it faster and faster. You should see progress this way.

Good luck!
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any exercises that will make be better?

No, excercises or even a song doesn't *make* you better. You *make* you better.
ANY exercise or song you practice right can help you make yourself better. There
really aren't any particular ones. It's how you practice.

I strongly suggest you check out www.guitarprinciples.com and get "Principles of
Correct Practice for Guitar". It sounds like that's what you need right now.
6 months isn't an awful long time to be playing. Correctly practicing is the best
you can hope to do to reduce the time it takes you to progress. Most "shortcuts"
actually will take you longer, so good practice IS the shortcut. When you know your
practice is at a high level, you can just let the time it takes take of itself without any
frustration or impatience.
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all i can say is to practice scales

Not unless you simply want to be great at running through scales. Learning their construction and application is much more important.
If you've only been playing a handful of months, you probably don't have the experience to be more self-directed. I suggest taking some lessons.
I stick with avedas. You need a guidance until a certain level.
And if you dont want to take classes then,,
>chromatic exercises
>chords(it dosent mean that if you're gonna be a lead guitarist, you dont have to practise chords)
>learn some songs(by EAR!! If you learn by looking at the tabs, youre gonna be a tabbist, not a guitarist. You try to mimic what you've heard.. Its frustating at the beginning but you'll enjoy afterwards)
and yeah btw, when u do a fingering exercise, do that for hours(dont get a cramp) keep on repeating the same thing,, the purpose of fingering exercise is not to make you memorise the lick, its to make your fingers move independently. And yes, USE A METRONOME. It's the must. And check out this website. I found it nice.
yeah i was exactly like that at that stage
learn scales (pentatonics very useful)
and just listen to more music
there are so many songs out there
just learn them
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Just play with other musicians and enjoy it. It will come.


There's no substitute for experience, just play and try to get a better feel for the guitar itself.
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