So basically my Mum is maybe getting a job in Australia, for a set period around a year, to help us get out of debt. Anyways myself and my younger brother and sister dont want to go. No with me its not an option as due to my age I could move out anyway, and neither my brother by the time this is going ahead.

Anyway, she wants my sister to stay with my Grandmother, who is actualy quite young and able, and her husband. She is 10 years old and has known them all her life and has spent weekends with them almost forever.

Anyway, my friends are saying this is not legal.

But it doesnt sound a problem to me...

What do you guys think?
I've been here since '04.

Doesn't seem like a problem, so long as she is your grandma, as opposed to that special old lady you call grandma who gives you rice pussing and raisins and...sh*t.

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sounds fun!


Id be inviting bands asking for a place to crash round on the regular, and partying and ****.

I've been here since '04.

Sounds like a mother supporting her family and working her ass off to keep the family together...
i thought this said My Parents are moving to Anus when i first read it
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Sounds like a good mom to me, 100% legal. tell your mom i said good job
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i thought this said My Parents are moving to Anus when i first read it

Same here.. I was all excited and ****.
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I've heard "Moving to Australia to get a job" is really a euphemism for "I'm abandoning you and turning into a pirate hooker."