Hey, could some one help me out with the strumming pattern on Welcome to the Jungle? For the intro the chords that i have are A5 G5 F#5 and E5 but i can't exactly figure out the strumming so if some one could tell me that would halp alot.
On the A Chord strum down, down, up down
then on G down
A down down
G down
F# down
E down

Thats how I play it. It's not what the tabs say, but i like it this way
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Well it goes A5 (hit this chord twice), G5 (once) back to A5 (once), up to G5 again (once), up to F#5(once), and ends on the E5. If that still doesn't click then just listen to the song and try to figure the pattern out.
thanks but i hear muted strums and that's what is messing me up...i kinda have it but thanks...but i could be wrong...