Anyone with a Sprint Cellphone plan care to help me out?

I am trying to sign up for that plan that lets you get picture messages to your phone. But I don't understand any of this. What I get is that there are 3 different plan types: A $5 a month one, a $15 and $25 a month one. I want to get the $5 one.

So on the website (Sprint.com/picturemail) it says something like Click Here to Sign Up For Sprint Picturemail. So I click it and follow the steps, then I get to a page that says Click Here If You Agree With The Terms. I click the box and hit next, then it takes me back to the main page.

When someone sent me a picture, it just shows up as a link in my normal text messaging inbox. On my friends Sprint Phone, the message comes up in his Picture Mail inbox and it has the picture, not a link.

I went into my local Sprint store and the manager said he knew nothing about the picture mail stuff. The next closest store to that one is another 20 miles away and I dont want to drive that far if I should be able to sign up for it online.

Anyone with Sprint and has the plan want to help me out?