Ok while casually searching my local craigslist i happen to stumble upon this.


I was like holy **** a roadking combo for 1500???

and to make it even better he is looking for trades especifically old fender amps!
Which i just happen to have just restored the 66 Super Reverb just for selling. My question is, if the amp is in good condition...

1. What is the difference between the series 1 and series 2 roadkings.
2. if he is interested in my sr this trade would be in my favor correct?
3. if he is not interested for this price should i buy it anyway?
I only can answer the last two questions...both of them are yes.
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heh sounds good. i need to know 1 though. I am waiting on pics right now and if the are good then i need a final push to make the 2 hour drive

How bad are the cleans?
1. The Difference between the Series 1 and 2 is a re voicing of the clean channel. The series 2 has a much improved clean channel. I own a series 2, and the cleans are amazing.

2. I would tell him to trade even because you could milk at least 1700 from that Super Reverb.
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Thanks everyone, im waiting on pictures of the roadking. Is there anything i should look for? Anything that the roadking may have problems with or just in general things i may not notice?