6 of one, half-dozen of the other. I'm partial to Peavey, but try it and see what you like better.
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Just keep the Peavey and save for a better bass and when you do you can sell the Peavey if you wished for some extra money towards that next bass. Or if not yeah just try it out man see how you like it.

EDIT: And i like the finish on the Peavey way more than the shecter. I like their stuff but not their boring black metal stuff.
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if you like it better go for it
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i like the shecter better, lol.. but i wanna hear personal opinions

If you like the schechter, then get it. This didn't really warrant a thread being made about it if you've practically made your mind up about which one you like anyway.
Check your friend' s bass out, and look for the telltale marks of bad wear. You do not want to trade for a busted up bass, so make sure everything workse properly.

If possible, let the offer sit for a month, trading a bass is not an easy thing to do, so you do not want to encounter any buyer's remorse for a trade you will later regret.
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If it's you're first bass and it has sentimental value, KEEP THE PEAVEY!
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I like the peavy, a peavey millennium was my first bass and still is, ive tried other basses and i do like the bang for the buck i got, if you like the other bass better trade, but if you like your 5 string peavey keep it. If you cant decide do you like 4 or 5 strings and make your decition off that, the 5 string is more versatile extra string makes playing certain songs easier over the 4 but its all personal choice.
If it's you're first bass and it has sentimental value, KEEP THE PEAVEY!


I'm partial to Peavey myself...Schecter basses are nice but IMO that one kinda lacks the character that your Peavey has. It also lacks the B string.
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