i can't seem to find a website that has song lyrics split up into sections like verse, intro, chorus and etc. so do you guys know a website that has song lyrics split up like that?

do you guys transcribe music? can you give me any tips its really hard for a beginner.
never needed that.

yeah, its hard. even if you have a lot of experience.
why do you need them split up..?

and as far as I can tell you, just sit down with a guitar in the correct tuning (you'll just have to guess, haha) and simply trial and error. if you've been playing long enough, you'll know about where the note is.
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This site (UG) has some lyrics in the tab section with verse and chorus defined. The easiest way to transcribe for guitarists is to write in G and tell 'em where to put the capo. For other instruments, only effort will work.