so my external harddrive has worked fine always but now its not showing up when i click on it..it used to say samsung on the icon now just f drive and when i click on it it says 'this drive is not formatted..format now?'

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Try reinstalling the drive's drivers....? O_o
Don't format it whatever you do

it didnt have a driver disc i just initially plugged it in

Don't format it. Try it on another PC first, if it doesn't work on that then you have a problem with the HDD, not your PC.
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Uninstall its drivers and go to their website and install the latest ones.

If there is nothing worthwhile on the drive go ahead and format it.

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Even though there was no installation CD, it still installed drivers in order for it to work.

You should be able to go somewhere in the control panel (I THINK add or remove hardware) and uninstall the drivers for it. Once thats done, stick it back in and it should reinstall the drivers, and hopefully work again.
try it on another computer, if that doesn't work there is a 90% chance that you are screwed over and are going to lose all of your data...
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