So after playing for a year I got myself a nice Ibanez back in mid-late november. I was torn between getting an Agile les paul and an Ibanez SZ520QM.

I like my ibanez and all but I have been super drawn to Les Pauls a lot recently. I would love a White/gold or a blue one, they're amazing.

I could get an agile guitar for 240 or 280... depends which model I get. However I don't really have a valid reason for getting one.. though I do want a backup guitar and all. Will it be as good as my Ibanez?

I could also sell my ibanez, wise or not? I'd probably get enough money to buy 2 les pauls if I want too -_-

Ahhh I just one one of these guitars so bad but don't know what to do <.<
Also I kind of don't want to be that kid that isn't that great but has a bunch of guitars/fancy equipment. But it's not like im gettign thousand dollar gibsons...
Mm.. Save up for an even better guitar.
Have you tried a les paul?
They weigh like a gallon of milk or more

Ibanez S520?

What kind of music do you play?
You can never have too many guitars. And i agree a lp would be wise so u can have something that sounds good on clean, and u can get a bluesy tone out of.
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I have tried the epiphones.. I think the weight issue is overrated a little bit, thats just me though.

I play a bunch of stuff.. mainly hard rock, no heavier than metallica stuff. Getting into some punk. White stripes, rise against, guns n roses, acdc, etc.
If you can't justify it, you can't justify it.

However, do you have things around the house you could sell to raise some extra green to possibly justify that purchase?


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Hmm, May I recommend the Epiphone G-400?
Mine cost me $275 and it sounds pretty damn good.
If you don't like SG's then just go for the Agile Les Paul.

I hear you should keep it above the 3000's though
Bleh.. I have nothing to sell. At the moment.

I have enough cash to buy a les paul. But then I'd have no spare money and I desperately need some new clothes and all. I could save up I guess.
I hate sg's.

The models before the 3000 seem ok. I mean, I probably won't be in a band that soon or anything, so they seem good for my purposed.
Quote by Supafly1824
Bleh.. I have nothing to sell. At the moment.

I have enough cash to buy a les paul. But then I'd have no spare money and I desperately need some new clothes and all. I could save up I guess.

Buy your clothes if you so desperately need them. You have a guitar, but you really shouldn't leave the house naked. Whatever is left over, put that in a fund for that new guitar.


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Also, consider clothes shopping at a thrift store...I'm not even remotely joking.


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Rofl ehh we'll see. I just need a few shirts for the summer and I'll be good.

So.. should I keep my Ibanez? Even then it's a tough choice deciding between the white LP and the blue one >.>

Decisions decisions... they suck.
What happens if you sell the Ibanez and get buyers remorse once you get the LP?

If anything, wait untill you get the LP, and if knocks your socks off, and you need the extra cash, then sell the Ibanez. But don't possibly handcuff yourself.


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Quote by Supafly1824
Yea thats what i was thinking... I should at least try the LP first.

These are the guitars I am interested in..



Will they stack up to my Ibanez?

It depends on what tone you are looking for. Have you thought about switching amps? I wouldn't trade an Ibanez you know about for a no-name guitar that may be a turd, especially if you are doing it for the blue paint.

i depends on what you play and what you like, i definitely dig the shred guitars more than the traditional lps and strats.


I have an amp I am satisfied with.. Crate Palomino.

I'm not much of a shredder.. well at least yet >_>

I researched agiles for month, heard sound clips, and like them. I also liked the epiphone when I played them... so the agile should be close.
I have an AL-3000 slim neck and love it. Its definitely quality. I like it just as much or more than the Epis and Gibsons I played although I only tried ones up to $1300, but this one was $380.
i've played Agile guitars and they actually were really nice it a nice sound to me at least. the one i played had a P-90 in, and a neck humbucker and also didn't have a stoptail.
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Why an Agile? If you want a more traditional Les Paul then go with the Epiphone. The quality is near the same.

Besides, the Agile doesn't even look like a real Les Paul.
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You should check into Hagstrom Swede's from eBay
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