Hi all, well my problem is that i have to play Hearts On Fire - Hammerfall but i have a little problem, that song has a sweep and i dont have the time to learn it (i cant sweep) so i was thinking if theres a way to "mask" that sweep into.. i dunno a tapping or a alternate thingy.. plz help.. btw here is it the part of the sweep..


thx in advance.


i have no advice but that is better
song stuck in my head today

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well if you pick every note you will definitely not be able to play it as fast.
so practice sweeping, its a fun skill to learn anyways, although it can sometimes be frustrating
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just hammer on the notes and mute the strings, it sounds cleaner and is more fun, at least for me :p

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if you can string skip this is actually more fun, sort of like a paul gilbert string skip