The humbucker on my strat is falling into the guitar body, because the adjustable screws were too loose, how do i get the screws back into the pickup holes?
I got hit by a truck 6 weeks ago, so i have nothing to do but play my guitar because my legs are broken. please help me fix it, cuz i'm clueless.
to fix the pickup, take off the strings (if you have a trem the springs might come off when you do this so you'll have to take the back plate off to put them back on. This can be kind of tricky.)

then take all the little screws around the pickguard off so you can get at the back where you can put the pickup back on the screws.

that sucks about your legs, bro.
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yeah i started to do that but i thought there had to be an easier way. and yeah i do have a tremolo, so wouldnt it be better to de-string it by pushing the strings back through the bridge?