Ok, i have a framus cobra and a behringer gmx 212. how would i properly use the behringers speakers for the framus....(this is only temporary)
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Depends if the Behringer speakers are hardwired into the circuit or plugged into jacks at the back. I'm pretty certain they're jacks, as you can see on the second panel to the left of the grille:

Then you simply remove those speaker leads and plug them into the back of the Cobra, making sure you select the correct impedance. There's loads of sites which can help you work out speaker impedance if you aren't sure, a written explanation won't be much help so get Googling.

If it won't work, do not plug the cobra into anything else like the input of another amp, or turn it on without speakers attached. You'll akmost certainly fry the amp's output transformers and cause severe damage.