Ok, so with my new job, my first two weeks' pay yields me ~400 bucks. I've decided, I'm totally gonna get a new setup, and one that will last me for a long time, hopefully. I have put some thought into it, and I'm going to get a new amp now, and a guitar in a month or so. As of now, I know I want my amp to be a tube amp, preferably that I can practice by myself with, but go to a band practice with too, just in case. Looking at the selection, I see the Peavey Valveking 112, a 50 watt tube amp that I can use not only for personal practice, but also a band practice and even small gigs. My question is, how is this amp, and does it fit my playing style of classic rock, along with some of the White Stripes, and lately I've been edging into Rage Against the Machine and a few country tunes... Mostly classic though. The local music store has a Valveking 112 on display, I think. So does that sound like a good choice, or would you recommend something else?

Later on, my choice of guitar would be about in the same price range or lower... I'm liking the idea of a MIM Strat HSS... I'd like to have the humbucker for fatter tunes...

If I can, I'll head up to the music store tomorrow, and plug a MIM Strat into that Valveking... see what I think about it.
I think this site has a coalition of petitioners who want to legalize marriage with their Valvekings
I don't know much about this amp, but all I can really tell you, is that pretty much anything (not absolutely everything) can fit with pretty much any styles. My setup is all set for Progressive Symphonic Death Metal, but I can play Blues or Jazz with a good Blues/Jazz sound, or old rock. I can even play some bass lines (some that are played in the higher notes of the bass), or acoustic guitar, all with 1 guitar, 2 pickups, a 10watt marshall amp, a Dunlop Cry Baby 535Q and my Digitech RP80 (the RP80 isn't very good, but still better than nothing).

So well, I guess this amp could fit perfectly with your style, and the only thing I know about that amp, is the name (Valveking), and that there's pretty much a lot of guys using this brand for amps.
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i can only really comment on the guitar but i've heard mix on valvekings
i've heard it needs a speaker change though so you might want to consider that
the guitar is pretty dam good
but if you're ranging to heavy i would say maybe consider a epi les paul?
only to go a little heavier
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I think this site has a coalition of petitioners who want to legalize marriage with their Valvekings

There is also a group of people who think the valveking sound thin. Like me.
hmm... any more opinions? I'm taking a friend with me to the guitar shop today to see what he thinks too.
Personally I would look into a Peavey Classic 30, its way better than ValveKing for any less than modern metal. For Classic rock- to Hard rock this amp is really good, and the cleans are very good too. It cost a couple hundred dollars more than the VK but they are all over ebay used for under 400. Also 30 tube is more than enough for playing gigs all long as you mic it and run through the PA on larger setups.
I would suggest looking at a Peavey Classic 30 or Crate V32 Palomino instead of the VK for the style of music you are playing.

Crate Palomino V32

Peavey Classic 30

You'd probably have to go used on the Classic 30 for your budget, or just save a little more. It would be very much worth it though.