when u first get cigarettes u see people patting them on there palms.
why do thye do this and which way do they do it.

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It's to pack the tobacco into the cigarette. You tap the top of the box because that's where the filters are.
To make noises and show off how cool you are with your pack of cigarettes.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
They do it to piss the cigarettes off, so they'll burn easier with their rage.

In order to really do it, you have to lay a pack of cigarettes on a sidewalk and hit it with your head.

mating ritual
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it packs the tobacco tightly into the cigarette.

this makes it burn more smoothly............and more slowly i believe
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It's called packing, and it packs the tobacco tighter, giving you a smoother and slightly harsher smoke. It also normally lights easier.
I dont know.
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it packs the tobacco. it burns better that way and there is less of a chance of the cherry falling out when you flick it
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Like said above it packed the baccy tighter into the paper so it smokes better.
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It's to pack the tobacco into the cigarette. You tap the top of the box because that's where the filters are.


I pack em individually though.
It's to honor the great cigarette god, Tobaccus. In ancient Greece, he had the ability to stomp on the ground so hard that it would catch on fire whatever was underneath. This fire was magical however, and the Greeks fell in love with it. Tobacco is the modern word for Tobaccus, which is Greek for "great smoke." Hence the name tobacco today.
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When someone taps the top of their cigarette box, they're actually emulating the exact sound of St Anger's snare drum

Cigarette boxes sound nicer though.
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You have to do it if you want to blow smoke rings otherwise it's a waste of time like tapping the top of a beer can before opening it.
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brilliant idea!

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