I'm a beginner guitarist, (as in bought my electric guitar 4 weeks ago), and I want to get better. I am determined and practice atleast two hours a day. The problem is I normally just look at tabs and try to learn songs. So I'm wondering what I should practice and for how long in my routine. Like I said I want it to fit into two hours and I want it to be something consistant. Any help is greatly appreciated. I also have both an electric and acoustic so if there is any specific thing I can on an acoustic for half an hour then go to electric I am capable of doing that.
buy an instructional book. watch videos. that internet thing has a lot of stuff to learn from too.
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learning songs is good, and i know its not the fun part, but learn theory, it will make you better.


My Practice Schedule:
  • Technique: Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs, Chords, Slides, Alternate Picking, Harmonics, Finger Picking
  • Scales: Right now, I just play C and G Major, and A and E Minor. I play the scales, and then the scales in alternating thirds
  • Method Book: I use Mel Bay book. I just play a few exercises each day.
  • Songs: Anything I feel like

This only takes 1/2 hour each day, so you can do much more than this. I just don't have any more time!
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Thanks to all of you, especially Picker, I'm probably gonna do that with a little more emphasis on technique, maybe do each of those for half an hour and any time I go over do on technique. I'm gonna check out that site too, Don.