i want to star to start lisening to reggae so i decided to post and ask the ug community for their input, i'll liked to know of some awsome reggae songs.
A lot of songs by a group called "Steel Pulse" has good guitar licks. "Burning Spear" is good also.

Bob Marley? Ziggy Marley?

And second on Steel Pulse.
Peter Tosh has some good stuff. Also, the Aggrolites are a good reggae band, imo.
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Bob Marley and the Wailers
Bunny Wailer
Peter Tosh
Burning Spear
Black Uhuru
Buju Banton
Barrington Levy
Toots and the Maytals
Long Beach Dub All Stars
Long Beach Shortbus
Slightly Stoopid
Toko Tasi
Clear Conscience
High Tide
One Drop
Orange Grove
Tomorrow's Bad Seeds
Tribal Seeds
Stick Figure
Rootz Underground
Ziggy Marley
Damian Marley
Stephen Marley
Jah Roots
ramblin man Slightly Stoopid,Long Beach Dub All Stars, Peter Tosh and
Burning Spear are just wat i was looking for thank you nice music.
no prob, glad i could help! i love to spread the reggae around! too few people really listen to it, they only know jammin, one love, and buffalo soldier haha so its good to get people to see theres more to reggae
So... there's at least three threads on Reggae in this forum that I can see..

Not reported though, becuase I'm not a ****ing NARC.

On Topic: Check out Pepper or Slightly Stoopid.
Tribal Seeds
Soldiers of Jah Army
Easy Star All-Stars
10 Foot Ganja Plant