In before 'drug thread' because this is more about paraphernalia than actual drugs.

Hell yeah, my cousin and I just made some bongs out of every day home wares. Took about 20 minutes for each one.


This one here is mine, a simple bubbler made from a jar. Socket cone piece with a small coil of wire for a filter.

This is my cousins. Made from a slurpee container with garden hose and tin cone.

Both of them work like magic
Drug thread. Even if it doesn't deal with the drugs themselves, it belongs there.
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I remember that

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Drug Thread.

It was stickied for a reason.
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I have to make one of these before 4/20

Or just find a pipe or something

Lets have a sexy partay!

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shoulda made a waterfall

+1, easy stuff

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dude, that's awsome, i feel inspired! i think i'll make one this weekend... maybe even test it too.
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Now I've got it! Masturbate in the mud while smoking weed!

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gravity hookah
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Drug Thread.

It was stickied for a reason.

Drug thread isn't stickied.

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beer bongs > regular bongs
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Drug Thread isn't stickied.

Why the **** would I make a waterfall? These things are great. Waterfalls work well and they're simple to make, but they take too long to use.


Wtf is 4/20???
you better be kidding about 4/20... if you consider yourself a stoner and you don't know what 4/20 is... damm... you're a disgrace... but if you are kidding than that wasn't funny, you're tacky and I hate you
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When the fuck did we get ice cream?
I'm not a stoner, thank you very much. Weed is not my life. Just a fraction of it
hose, cone made from coke cans, 390ml coke bottle, lighter

basic bong
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hose, cone made from coke cans, 390ml coke bottle, lighter

basic bong

Yeah, these are basic as well but they look awesome and probably perform better. Is your sig meant to say 'on' or 'one'?
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beer bongs > regular bongs

I tried that for the first time last Saturday. It just shoots down your throat doesn't it
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one time my friend ashed a blunt that was still good and as punishment the guy who was smokin us out made a bong out of the gatorade bottle we'd been ashin in and made him smoke the rest of the blunt he cashed out of the homemade bong.
are those sailfin black mollies in your fishtank? i completely didnt pay attention to the bongs, im sure theyre gerrr reat.
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Drug thread
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