i know what these do, but how would one of these work?

i'm quite interested, since i often get told to turn it down until the amp is off
i have a 'white guitar'
LOL, there used to be able to crank your tube amp to get the gain you need at lower volumes.

but it sounds like you need to invest in a pair of head phones. or cooler parents LOL, or whoever is yelling at you to turn it down
A decent attenuator will cost more than an amp upgrade, apparently. Check out a Roland Cube first, which sounds surprisingly decent at very low volumes. BTW-just so you know, attenuators only work on tube amps.
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yeah my amp is tube
and i want to push it
its a fender from the 60's
i have a 'white guitar'
9 times out ot ten it's easier and more flexible to just use an overdrive pedal instead. That's the whole reason they were first created, and though they may not sound as natural as overdriven tubes they can come pretty close.

What's the amp exactly? THD Yellowjackets might be a worthwhile investment.