Im looking for a multieffect pedal thats around $100 bucks that would preferably have a wah, distortion, delay, and anything else. What would you guys recommend?
the digitech rp90 isnt bad. it has what your looking for and has a decent tone.
heres a lik for more info. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/DigiTech-RP90-Guitar-MultiEffect-Pedal?sku=153571&src=3WWRWXGB&ZYXSEM=0
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I have a Zoom G2, I recommend it!

It has alot of effects, and good clean, and you can make your own sounds with it. If you need good distortion you need to make your own, that's not hard
Look for a separate wah and go for a Yamaha Magicstomp. These units have great sound for a MFX pedal. Sound samples are in my profile, I run mine direct to the board, no amp.

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You can find a magicstomp MKII on ebay for cheap these days, probably around $75 or $100. They also work with vista now.
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RP250 is $150 new, maybe around $100 if you can find one used or on Ebay. It does everything the RP90 does and quite a bit more, and all the patches can be edited on the computer via USB cable which is really nice. I bought the RP90 and ended up exchanging it for a RP250. I did a lot of research and the RP250 was the best thing out there for $150 & under. I keep my RP250 hooked up to the computer and amp at the same time, and edit patches in software while playing. The only thing I can find so far about the RP250 I don't like is that it doesn't have an effects loop ... so it can't be looped around the amp's preamp. (It can only be plugged in front of the preamp or in the effects loop, but can't be looped around both by using 4 patch cables to where your time based effects come after the preamp but everything else comes before) But this feature is typically only found on expensive processors and multifx anyways.

The Behringer V-Amp2 is good in this price range but does not have an expression pedal. The Line6 Pocket Pod is also nice but there are no expression or patch switching pedals at all so you can't switch tones in the middle of a song or modulate any effects with an expression pedal. I agree with Noskool also, the Zoom G2 is a good option. I strongly considered the Zoom G2 & G2.1u before going with the RP250. Good luck
If getting something that works good cheap is a priority, I'm gonna throw this at you.....


I picked up two of these in the last month for about $50 each delivered. One for my office at work for lunch and another just to use where ever. They sound is great and includes a drum machine. If you add a 32MB SM card it will record up to 8 (maybe 12) minutes of playing or a backing track.

This is coming from somebody who just dumped their GT-8 for all individual pedals (although my pedalboard has 2 magicstomps). The Wah is great on the 707II. The Wah on the GT-8 was crap. I've programmed a few tones in the 707 II and had no problem getting decent sounds. Caveat, there is a Zoom 707 with no II. I specifically liked the II because of the SM recorder. However the recorder has shortcomings in that it isn't synced to the drum machine like the 8 Track recorder on the GNX3.

Apart from this recommendation I agree that the $150 RP250 would be a good buy.
I have a ZoomG2, I like it. Buy it.

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