Alright, so I'm a senior in high school right now and I've been accepted to two schools. UC Irvine and UC San Diego. I live close to Irvine and if I go there, I'd just stay at home for it. If I go to San Diego I'd end up dorming.

To those UGers that are in or have been in college: How big of a difference does dorming make in your social life?

My teacher advised me to get out of the house, go to San Diego and get the real college dorm life experience. She said the difference between dorming and not dorming is the difference between knowing 200 people and knowing 20 people, so I don't know.

If I go to Irvine, it'd cost me pretty much nothing at all, and due to grants and financial aid, during my sophomore, junior, and senior years I'd actually end up gaining money (about 6k a year). If I go to San Diego, I'd have to pay about 4k a year after factoring in financial aid (yeah my family is like piss poor).

So to reiterate: should I shell out the 4k a year and dorm or should I get paid to go to college?
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well, its true you probably wont know as many people.

i commute to college, and i only have maybe 10 good friends at school. im perfectly happy with that though. the friends i have are great. of course i could have more, but i dont spend much time on campus besides when im in class.

so really, you have to think about which you prefer. i mean, you can know a good number of people even if you dont live on campus. you just might have to work harder at it.
Living on or near campus and living at home is probably the difference between having an awesome college experience and an ok college experience. It's worth the money.
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Dorm life sucks.

Live at home.

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where you from because if you have a buddy that goes to the same college as you dorm with him thats what I'm doing
Normally I'd say dorm life all the way. But if you're getting PAID to go to college, f*ck that take the 6g a year, you can still hit up parties and meet people that way. Just never tell anyone you live at home...
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College was great fun for me, I'd go back if I had the chance. Different education system over there though, so would be a different experience for you I imagine.
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I live in residence and I think it's pretty much a necessity first year. You meet so many people, you get a chance to be a lot more independent and you learn a lot of things that will be useful not only at this point in your life but in the future too.
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My friend is actually going to San Diego too, but he got into a different college at SD. I got into Marshall College at UCSD and he got into Muir College at SD, so we wont' be able to dorm together.
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Wait, can you just get a dorm at the college that will pay you to go? That would be the best choice.
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Well, I could dorm at Irvine, but that would end up costing about the same as dorming at San Diego. Truthfully, if the money were not an issue, SD would be my first choice. But that 6k a year is just so damned tempting that it is really making me have a hard time with this.
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well if you're making 6k a year won't that make the cost of housing less of a problemo>?
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is SD your first choice cause of the dorms or the school? If you can afford it, you should just go for the school you want to go to so you dont regret anything later.
stay in the dorms. as annoying as it can be, its worth it to get to know people. plus UCSD is a much better school in academics, location, social life, pretty much everything. irvine sucks, and i know because i lived there.
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Dorm life indeed sucks but you will meet so many new people and make so many new friends. It will give you a time to get used to living on your own and away from your parents. Overall. it's a good experience!
I think the whole point of college is gettin the **** out. I say dorm; aren't you tired of home? I bet you'll have a lot more fun on your own.
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Dorm life sucks.

I disagree. Its really what you make of it. If you just get out and meet people and make an active effort to be social, you'll have a great time.

Financially, I'm not sure if its worth it, but that's something for you to decide.
UCSD is a great school (I live in irvine too btw). I'm not really considering going there anymore (I got into Roosevelt) because I'm going to pepperdine because of scholarships and it's my first choice. It also depends on what you want to major in. That's a major factor.
Personally, I think that a big part of going to college/uni is moving out and trying to be more independent. Providing you're not a moron, and to be perfectly honest you seem like a pleasant and intelligent chap, I'd imagine you'd do great in dorms. With the money issue, 6K a year really isn't that much, and when it comes to life choices like this, try not to focus too much on the material/monetary aspect of it and go for what you think will benefit you best.
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Part of the experience of going to college is meant to be moving out and moving away from your parents and becoming more independent, which won't really happen if you live at home and commute.
SD was ****ing impossible to get into this year so congrats I know a few people that got into UCLA and UC Berkeley and didn't get into it so yeah nice job. It really depends upon what you want to major in though because each school kinda is better at different majors. UCI and UCSD are both great schools and obviously what works for one person won't work for the other, but I would recommend visiting both and seeing if you feel a bond to either one (Irvine should be easy to visit considering you say you live close to it). Good luck
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