So ... I've basically finished my speech on why a Zombie Apocalypse would be the supirior way for the world to end ... However, I am stumped as to how said apocalypse would benefiet health care as well as education (If we built them from the ground up, mabye...?)
Any ideas..?

EDIT: The speech is supposed to be presuasive, so I'm selling the concept to an audience
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it would wipe out the sick giving access to those in need (not bitten of course), and education there would be less children needing it I guess
All the weaklings of society would die out, of course.

As Bonesaw said, the sick dudes are dead.

And having to survive on one's wits or be eaten by zombies is an excellent way to make the children adapt or die.
Killing zombies is the best education of all.
no one would even care about health...

rotting flesh is nothing when you have the taste for brains.

and knowledge just makes the brain wrinkly... so education is a no-no.

.... BSing aside... how is ANY apocalypse going to benefit health care or education.

dead people dont need either of those.
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because of the beautiful poetry of the zombification. observe:

man is an uncivilized brute-->he grows civilizations and passes to the pinnacle of science and reason-->this science causes the zombification-->man turns back into an uncivilized brute

ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
I have no opinion on this matter.
if its the end of the world, i dont really think anyone benefits, because, you know, they're all dead
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