Started songwriting a little over 6 months ago, and just write whenever I feel inspired. Im just going to post up a few things from my notebook, a * will start a new one. Let me know what you like and dislike, where I can improve and how to improve, etc.

Put me in a box, triple check the locks
I would see the world, I would see the pain
You dont want me to go insane

Bow down to the dead, let them inside your head
We are all but sheep, we have been led astray
What good is thinking anyway?

Easy does it, let them drop
We would all get wet were they to make a splash
And the waters so damn cold

Easy does it, let them drop
The world would eat them, even cause a change
It would suck them down to skin and bones

What if theres life beyond, a stream connects this pond
To an ocean full of opportunity?
I could search for the real me

When we finally meet I'll work to defeat
The kinks you brainwashed into me
I cant wait to be free

Sweep it under the rug

We're going to raise the standard
Draw the line

This must be the millionth time
It's routine

Convince yourself this will fulfill
Your childish dreams

You might nearly reach the sun
A step away from your silhouette
But when the masses return to one
Won't take him long to recollect

Living off of fragments
Hold on tight

It will never overcome you
But then, it might

Add to this and take from that
You can't press it out

You will always have the hunger
You will always have the doubt

It's too late to change
We've all blended together
The most ****ed up pallet
I have ever seen
It all blends into black
You cant see anthing

Try to take a sample
Pick it apart
Try as you might
You will never make anything
That resembles art

Revolving doors
Sink the ship
We killed the captain
Didnt listen
Caused our own
Selfish extinction
Turn around
Double knot it
Use that dusty head of yours
There is hope
You have to want it
Even to the point of action

Gullible, insecure
Youre going way down
A throne of quicksand
Was it worth it?
Did you make your difference?
Surround yourself in innocence
One day you will be exposed
These sheep wont be blind forever

Ok im going to stop now. If you actually read all those, high five. Any and all critique appreciated. I can c4c (if that goes down in the songwriters section).