I just bought a behringer usb recording unit. Im trying to put it through audacity, but thing is im a total noob at recording.

There is no sound coming through when i record something, I've installed the driver etc, but just lost with how to actually get sound through and record...

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is the behringer thing you have got two ports; one for guitar one for earphones.
and then the usb? if so thats what im getting.

in Audacity go into the prefs and set the input and output to your new interface, it should work then.
monitor from the interface or you will get loads of latency.

Aiso will work for some PCs but I really feel if you are running a USB 1.1 connection interface and have a slowish PC any software isnt going to help with latency much...

I tried using it on my old dell with running a mixer into my stock sound card, Aiso4All did nothing for me...
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ASIO2All isn't a magical solution. As moody says, it makes a difference in some situations, but not everyone will really benefit from it. I've known people to have problems with it, in fact.
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