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The boss
2 33%
Carl Martin
4 67%
Voters: 6.
So this is what i can choose to get

a tottally new boss Comprssor/Sustainer

or a pretty beaten up used(but still working)
Carl Martin Compressor/limiter

Which give the best sustain and smoothest notes?
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if you don't get the carl martin you will be massively wrong.
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EHX Soul Preacher?

EDIT: Also, the Boss one is pretty damn poor.
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I haven't tried the CM, but the Soul Preacher pretty much owns the Boss.
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Soul Preacher, Diamond, Keeley, Analogman? What's your price range?
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See if you can borrow a compressor and see if compression is really for your style of music you play. Not all rigs need compression.
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