Wow, what can i say. I love the main riff. nothing wrong with the song at all, everything runs so smoothly and fluently.
In my opinion the solo could've been longer, but thats just my personal preferance. It could've built up a bit more to a climax.Apart from that great job.
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Eh... It was kinda interesting, and I definitely liked the subtle riffing in the verse. But it at times just kinda dragged...

And I think, especially in the interlude, the riffs would sound better with both guitars playing them. And maybe a little harmony too.

After awhile, I think the problem was the lack of activity by the rhythm guitars, and by the drums (they were ok, just a bit boring....). This made it drag on, and feel long winded, and just... a little more boring than it actually was.

The solo was nicely played though. Really melodic, I liked it.
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Good work, main riff is great, but i miss action in the drum track! Nice Solo btw.

Maybe crit mine?
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i like it alot. but i feel that the intro riff was repeated too many times. still epic overall
I like this song, it sounds very power-metalish, which is cool. I find it also very epic. Nice work.

The solo is nice.

Again Nice work.

Great work, the only thing I can complain about is the solo. It built up well, but at the end there wasn't really a climax, it seemed unfinished. The only other problem I had with it is that some parts just dragged on for a bit too long. Other than that, great job.
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