how did you guys learn to play guitar

can you give me step by step ...so i would know how?

and can you give me useful information example links

PS i get frustrated very easily so make sure is super easy
i started learning a song i new 4 years ago, Fear Factory Replica

but i would say u should start learning some scales like the major and minor first

i cant be much more of help when im talking but what u also can do is download a trial porgram Of Guitar Pro if u wish and then download some tabs
pick up guitar, play. Seriously.

find a song you like and try and play it.
For those who care.
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I started off in highschool playing open chords on an acoustic for music class. then moved onto playing tabs (after being taught how to read them) and i worked like that for about 4 years and managed 2 learn how to shred and sweep etc etc, ive only just started learning about scales this year.

im not saying its the best way to learn but its how i did it
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i am still learnin....
what i do is take guitar classes.....
hes doing scales with me.....
starting with c major....
on that he makes me do triplet, ladder, alternate etc
Now ive done g major.....
i just find inspiration when hes not around and try to play songs i like....
eg.... carnival of rust etc
start with basic chords and try and play some easy songs you like
get a teacher
start small, work on it and expand
don't give up unless you really aren't enjoying it
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Take lessons. A book and online tutorials aren't going to be able to show you what you're doing wrong, and they aren't going to know what kind of things you should be practicing to overcome your specific deficencies.
Search the craiglist near your place and find a private guitar class. That's what I did with my 9 yr old son,who is taking two private guitar classes for 3yrs now- one from a retired classical guitarist and he charges us only 15$ for 45 minutes and the other teacher tutors him on blues, modern rock/heavy metal for 20$/ 30minutes.Son plays Ibanez grg drx170 249$.Private class is the best way.Your progress will be much speedier than learning in group or independently.