The intro is sick built up to something big and i wasnt let down, i didnt really like the harmonied section after the 15/8 i just think the harmonies didnt work well there but the riff is still good

The intro recap section sound good and then comes with a very big section of that kept building with strings and what not sounded superb

the pretty much repeats itself from then but that okay im expecting there probably lyrics and vocals if the song was to be recorded

I love the brass section part that sound u should make that section go for a tad longer
i love the emotive part at 180 it was sudden but worked well

I think this song is joining onto another am i correct??

any way great song it was reall thought out and composed a good amount of riffs for that song without going overboared

overall great job
Nice Song, I liked the parts from bar 21 up to 79, that harmonized riff and that 15/8 riff thing didnt do it for me. Nice lead work done! The only thing it lacks is a great shred solo, and some new ideas in the end.

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