hi, i purchased a toneport a while back and have been messin around using reaper with it.I ain't too keen on the tones,so i tried amplitube instead and much prefer it.however i'm a recording noob I am using the toneport as the interface for amplitube but can't get amplitube set up for recording in reaper!! I keep getting an asio related error on start up of reaper,can anyone tell me how to set it up for reaper?
sorry I am not sure whats up with that error but I am with you on Gearbox, crud sounds and nothing worth a dime in there...

I used to run Amplitube 2 with my TP until I sold it, sounded much better than GearBox.

BTW do you have Aiso4All installed?
yeah i downloaded an updated version today after getting the error,but still no joy...i don't even no if it is poss to use it with reaper.cheers anyhow.
just sorted it,it was to do with my asio4all,had to change the device settings to toneport,silly me!!!
You need to record a clean guitar tone in reaper, and then use amplitube as a VST effect to add the amplication and effects. Thats assuming reaper has VST capabilitys, but chances are it does.
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thanks for the info much appreciated,yeah thats what i been doing,i dont even turn amplitube on,i just turn on reaper and stick on the vst in the track before recording so i can here how it sounds without having to play it clean..