Once a guy stuck an ice pick in his head and only went to the hospital like 3 days later or something. Dunno if he was drunk though.

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I must admit that's pretty funny. But I love how he just shrugs it off as 'things happen when you drink'. All the more reason for me not to get drunk...
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I heard one time this guy went out partying and got so drunk that when he was sleeping that night he got up and stumbled to the toilet, sat on the toilet backwards (as in facing the wall) and took a dump on the floor then he stood up and walked back to bed. Then when he woke, he saw he had trodden **** all through his house.

I think it's fake. I mean, wouldn't he notice it when he walked, lied down? Wouldn't passing people tell him? It's not Halloween, no one would think it's fake.
How could u not feel a facking knife in your back, this story reaks of steamy fresh bs. Even a russian can't get that drunk (and still be concious).