Constructive criticism eh?


00:07 --> missed beat

00:13 --> wrong chord/arpeggio/notes

00:19 --> bad bend. Thats not even in the song.

00:22 --> wrong chord/arpeggio/notes

00:27 --> wrong chord/arpeggio/notes

00:30 --> wrong chord/arpeggio/notes

00:31 --> wrong chord/arpeggio/notes

00:32 - 00:40 --> wrong chord/notes, bad slide.

00:43 --> wrong chord/arpeggio/notes

00:44 --> wrong chord/arpeggio/notes

00:47 --> wrong chord/arpeggio/notes

00:00 - 00:49 --> not fast enough. original song is about 10bbp - 15bbm even 20 bbm faster in some parts. many many mistakes. lots of incorrect fingers and notes and many demented arpeggios.


00:07 --> practice timing

00:13 --> new tab or practice more

00:19 --> don't bend ever in this song. go get a new tab and practice the right thing to obliterate that habit. perhaps you are bending to compensate for a mistake due to lack of practice.

00:22 --> new tab/practice/fix mistakes

00:27 --> new tab/practice/fix mistakes

00:30 --> new tab/practice/fix mistakes

00:31 --> new tab/practice/fix mistakes

00:32 - 00:40 --> new tab/practice/fix mistakes and work on your slide. make it faster and more precise: practice so you know exactly where you start and stop the slide and be sure to execute it quickly and accurately.

00:43 --> new tab/practice/fix mistakes

00:44 --> new tab/practice/fix mistakes

00:47 --> new tab/practice/fix mistakes

00:00 - 00:49 --> practice the whole thing slowly until its absolutely flawless. then slowly speed up. fingers trained only fast are likely to freeze up and cause this kind of errors(missed notes, off beats, too slow) you need to train your fingers for accuracy, not speed.

either you lack practice, or you tab is totally wrong. many of the arpeggios were simply not correct and it seems of lot of that has to do with twitch fingers probably cause you are playing to fast. go over the whole thing perfectly slowly and build it up gradually. that piece is difficult. don't rush it.

also, it is written "smoother", not "more smoother"

good luck
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Thank you so much. I'am sure that took quite a while. Thank you for doing that. I will work on it. I think the tab that I used is absolutely correct but my execution just wasn't as right. Once again, thank you very very much.