hi,i don't know if this is the right section for this question.anyhow I am a noob to using my guitar with my pc but am enjoying messing around with basic recording etc.however there are a couple of things i would like to do but am a bit unsure how to go about it.the first thing is I enjoy playing along to my mp3s with my toneport gx but when i go to use guitarpro unfortunately can't hear it through toneport and was wondering if there is anyway to get guitarpro runnin through it.And second I have my pc hooked up to my cd suround sound system at the moment to play guitar but this means i have to use the mp3 in toneport(can't playback cd)I would rather not run my pc into the surround sound and just use speakers but don't know what type of speakers would be ideal for using the pc like an amp,any suggestions?
Tbh I just plug my bass combo into the comp if I feel the need for a heavy duty speaker =P
Let me see if I got this straight:
1. You want to use guitarpro with your toneport GX.
2. You use your CD surround system, but want to get some other speakers.

Well, for 1, what are your settings for inputs and outputs?
And 2, any speakers, connected to the computer, could work. If you like clarity and punch, look into monitors, like the Event TR8 or KRK's introductory offerings.
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hi there,yeah i would like to get it so's i can hear guitarpro while playing in toneport as guitar pro can only be heard through my pc speakers at the moment...i'm not sure what you mean by inputs and outputs ....cheers for the info on speakers though,i'll look into it