Well i have a problem playing barre chords....
the thing is that the string slips thought the "cuts" in my fingers if you understand what im saying...like the lines that divide your fingers into parts....im just not able to get it right???and secondly i am not able to press down other strings while my index finger is on all 6 strings....is it weakness or what?
any help??????
any tips?suggestion?anything??

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Edit:It's acoustic by the way...if that helps
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You'll get better, it takes time. It took me from aged 8 to 9 to be able to even play a barre chord sounding all the strings properly. It's a strength thing that comes with plying and your hands getting used to the motion.
yeah i used to be like that....but remember, for most barre chords you dont have to press down on all the strings perfectly because your other fingers are fretting notes above.
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In addition to what the others have said, try rolling your finger back more towards the head, so that your joints don't face the strings directly. This finger position will also help you to fret the other notes below the barre - but you'll find it does take a while to convince your hand to form the right shape. It's amazing, though, how they can suddenly click after ages of not being able to do them (barre chords, not your finger joints, hopefully)
make sure when you're barring the 6 strings that your index isn't fully flush with it. I was always taught to turn your 1st finger a little bit, like 30 degrees so you're barreing with the side of the finger- basically the bone of the finger.