Ok this is a piece im entering in my estedford in original poem. They made us have the title, I didnt particularly like it but this is what I came up with. I dont like it alot but tell me if there are improvments I can make. The last line is actually a dig at the judges because every year the really cliche poems win. Anyway C4C, enjoy.

The Tropical Night

Gusts of wind filter through bamboo blinds
Warm enough to keep me awake
But not enough to force me to rise
We are trapped in a timeless haze
Each breath seems like an eternity

We are a million miles apart
You in the stars
And I in the dirt
Yet I feel so close to you

I hear the palm trees rustle
The water gently lap near by
And yet whilst in Paradise
All I can think of
Is you

Such are these cliche tropical nights