Hello there, i've got a piece of college work to hand in next week and just had a quick question to ask!

Basically, the background on this assignment is: a band's tour/live show is selling well but their cd sales are low.

Therefore: what would make you go out and buy the bands cds? (possibly a re-release, box set with bonus features etc...)

Hope that makes sense!
thanks in advance

*awaits "free sex would make me buy it" responses*
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Something OTHER than the music which you can download for free illegally.
Anything, art work that you can stick on your walls, (I know there is artwork but it's small and crappy) videos/dvds/online content

Oh and free sex.
I would buy it cause I don't own it? And want it?.....

Dumb question.
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I'd buy a new Cd from a mediocre band if it had a poster or some form of wall art with it. Making of the song is always a good one to do. Um, bonus footage um.
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Quote by nebiru
I would buy it cause I don't own it? And want it?.....

Dumb question.

missed the point totally

cheers for the rest of you who gave productive answers!
i think i might have a look into that digipack thing!
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Is that really a problem? Isn't that how the industry's going these days? Prince gave his last album away for free to promote his tour. And it worked. He made more money that way than if he'd charged for the album. The only people suffering from this is the record label. In which case they should either try and grab a slice of ticket sales, or just diversify and downsize. You can't fight the tide.
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