I found one online for a good price and I deffinately need to get a better amp than my AVT 50 (shat). What I need to know is how much distortion this baby actually gets. I am a lead player and I need it for clean tight leads which it is famous for, but the majority of my tunes have distorted leads throught after every lyric line and are of an epic Iron Maiden kind of ilke (not very much heavier than that distortion wise and I do use alternate tunings but they never go lower than D) but also I get really prog a good bit with another project and need those fantastic cleans. Is this the right amp for me?
ty in advance
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I don't have hands-on experience with it, but from everything my drummer (who has one) says, the amp will do that and more. You'll be set for life with that amp, apparently.

For the record, his previous amp was an Orange Thunderverb stack. That's just how good the Carvin is.
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