i was wondering if someone could tab out I would for you by Limp Bizkit there are no tabs for it and it has a sick guitar part. I'll admit its a pretty rare song and they only played it live but still...

If anyone could do this id really appreciate it thanks
well I don't have any idea what Wes tuned for this so someone else can have fun with that. Seems like he's just messing around in the song,doesn't really do anything that couldn't me improv'ed. as for the good part at the end, just some tremelo picking with cool effects. You can tab it on your own, I kind of doubt that you can get anyone else to do it for you, especially since it is LB
Sweeping is for n00bs. I've moved on to vacuuming. Eventually I'll even try steam cleaning.

Bitches don't know
thats a good point with the last bit lol. but i know he tunes three steps down standard or C# standard if you call it that

I'm gonna mess around with some stuff