Poll: What age did you start drinking?
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View poll results: What age did you start drinking?
12 6%
9 5%
38 20%
40 21%
40 21%
20 11%
10 5%
9 5%
3 2%
5 3%
Voters: 187.
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cos the other guy couldnt make a poll

EDIT: yeah i realised i missed out number 12, wont bother explaining my idiocity
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I probably had a drink in my first day of life... Why isnt there a <1 option
poll phails
I was 14 when I had my first beer.

I started drinking a bit about 16.

Then around 17 got full on into the swing.

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You all waited 13/14/15 years to have a drink?

Mad survival skills
no, i started drinking with my mates when i was 15, i had my first proper drink about 12
About 6 or 7....I think....It was a sneaky one....drinking the dregs outta someone's wine glass.
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I put 18 when I started drinking properly, but I tasted alcoholic stuff all throughout my teens.
hell yeah dude on the poll, **** number 12!
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Where's twelve? You missed it out. But I've drunk small amounts since I was ten or eleven; then large amounts since I was thirteen. Booze = win, straight edge = fail.
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my parents were always completely open about drink. my dad would offer me a sip of whiskey when i was really young, and it tasted horrid.
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my parents were always completely open about drink. my dad would offer me a sip of whiskey when i was really young, and it tasted horrid.

same here, i drank about two fingers of whiskey, such a nasty taste when your little
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lol oj

Got drunk - 14

First taste: 2 years (My dads irish freind thought I should have a taste of guiness)
First time tasted 7

But the first time I actually went out drinking was when I was 15
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I'm 19 and still don't drink, I have in the past, but not regularly. I'm just not that interested in the bar scene, and none of my friends drink, except for one who likes to drink alone, which I find incredibly lame.
Under 10. I feel left out by your poll.
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Am I actually the first to say never? I have tasted it a few times and I've never liked the taste and I really can't see the attraction of drinking.
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Under 10. I feel left out by your poll.

sorry, ill make up for it
Never had a drink, and I am 15. I dont plan on drinking till 19-21. I'm pretty much against it
How the hell can this not be spam?
Seriously, who cares if the other one didn't have a poll, threads like this has been made over and over.

You make me angry.
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