Hey guys, this is the pedal that I'm working with - It's an expression pedal (Pigtronix EP-1) and I'm trying to convert it into an inline volume pedal. I don't have access to a multi-meter, so I was wondering if someone could help me to identify the wires/terminals circled in red. I know that the far right terminal is a ground...so does that mean that the unit must be powered?

I've got 1/4" jacks mounted on either side and want to wire it to vary the volume output. Any and all help is appreciated!
yes it is powered, bare is ground, red is battery or plug, white is hot
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Will I have to swap this with something that has a signal in and signal out terminal? or could I modify this one somehow?
Its not necesarily powered. It has a stereo jack so tip is signal in, stereo sleeve is signal out and of course ground. Do you know what value the pot is? Might need to change the pot to a 250 or 500k. Volume pots are just usually wired with 1 lug being signal in, another is signal out, and the 3rd is to ground. So would be signal from input jack to 1 lug then signal out to output jack from another lug. And ground from input jack to pot to output jack.
it's a 250K and it's not powered.

We're slow at work here so I wired input to where the red is and and out to white...i'll check it out when i get home. But it works when i put a multimeter from input to output jack...we'll see i guess.

thanks for the responses.