or for the newer stuff, with the modes, and super awesome shred stuff!


-This is s great site check out the modes game it is awesome. The best modes are Aeolian, and Locrian. If you like funky stuff check out Dorian. haha it is soooooooo badass! And I have even learned a few of these licks. They're a lot of fun.
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uhmm dude... modes are just major and minor scales........ plus or minus a few notes.. they arent that special.
This made me laugh.

Shred. Haha, good one.
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I know the modes. I just put this stuff here for people to check out. And La Qotsa it is shred.
"Nice boys don't play rock n' roll" - Axl Rose in (Nice Boys cover)
I enjoy that so much! I had forgot about it!
Thanks for posting!
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