So I just wanted to ask about a few things...

1) Apart from the music theory sections mentioned on the forums, can anyone tell me where else I can learn some guitar theory from? Some ebooks or such....or any source in general. And not just guitar theory...music theory in general....although prefernce given to guitar theory at the moment.

2) Is it harder to learn music theory if you are self taught? In general, if, for some reason, you can't get a teacher at the moment, are there any setbacks in being self taught?

3) About palm muting...do you usually use your picking hand, or fretting fingers, or a combination of both? And I know pratice is the only way to perfect it, but is there any things you should keep in mind while muting.

Also I've noticed with heavy distortions and loud volumes, when I let a string ring, and then mute it, it makes this kind of...dull heavy noise, which I don't want. Any way to prevent this?

4) If you keep the side of your palm on the strings to mute them...is it anchoring?

Also, does your forearm rest on the guitar?

5) Which is a better technique...wrist action or finger action? I mean...when you're playing something fast, and you have to play a fast riff on adjacent strings, do you use normal wrist action, or do you move the fingers holding the pick?

6) If I play with wet hands, can I get a shock?

7) Does the quality of the amp affect how clean your playing sounds?

8) About using metronomes...If I set it at something like 100 bpm and I play 4 notes per click, then its quarter notes?

9) Do you like prison break?

...Ummm....yeah, I'll have more questions soon....
http://www.musictheory.net/ thats a theory site

No its easier i feel, because every musician is unique and being taught but another person can somethimes restrict them

Both palm muting are used for different sounds, pick hand palm muting is to get the crunchy deep sound, while fret hand muting is either to cut the note of quick or to make a harmonic echoing sound

Yes and no, anchoring is when u place a finger on a fret say for eg 3rd on the a and keep it there while the rest of your hand is doing other magical things, but also anchoring is when ur hand is anchored into a position to increase stability

I use my wrist when playing quick licks and other shredding sections, but for arpeggios i tend to manover my fingers

No electric shock is highly minimal lol

Some people say ya and i say eh, depends really it could be a piece of cra*, but overall im always able to make a good tone lol l

YEs it quarter beats, to play eighths notes u say 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &

not any more
3) palm muting is with your picking hand. muting with your fretting hand is called raking. they sound very different. palm muting is generally heard in heavy metal songs a lot. for a raking example think of the intro of voodoo chile. your getting that dull noise because your using your fretting hand and your basically taking all the vibration from the string and it doesn't make any noise at all. if you do that at the fifth, seventh, or twelfth fret you should get a harmonic if you just lightly tap on it.

4) I think I touched on this in three. What you are describing is palm muting. the closer you are to the bridge the more of the note you will heard the farther away from the bridge the heavier it will get but you wont hear as much of the note. anchoring is when you place one finger of your picking hand, generally your pinky, on the other side of the high e string and keep it there while you play. some people claim it improves accuracy while playing faster, but i find it really hard to do.

5) when playing fast, i use alternate picking. i don't pay attention if it's more in my wrists or in my fingers. i'd say either way works just do it the way that's more comfortable to you.

6) no

7) it really shouldn't. the sound quality won't be as great, but you should be able to tell if your playing is clean. also, if you want to know if you playing is clean turn off all the distortion and play the riff/lick on the clean channel; if you can hear every note your playing the riff/lick cleanly.

8) yes if the tempo of the song being played is 100 bpm.

9) never watched it.

I didn't answer the first questions cause ive never taken music theory and i kind of have the same questions being self taught myself. from what ive looked at music theory it's really confusing without someone to explain it to you, but then again everyone has different learning styles.
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