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Okay, here's the deal. I've been playing guitar for a few years now. (Bass mostly, and recently my Epiphone SG) I'm comfortable playing rhythmn on either one so my options are fairly open. For Christmas I got my Fiance a electronic keyboard, since she showed alot of interest in playing again. She can read music, I can't. I can read tablature, which makes it easier. Problem is, I play by ear and rarely look at sheet music and prefer more to "feel it".

The point of this post is that we both want to play some music together. I've been researching material for her mainly(piano). I know where to find the tabs I need so my part of the music is pretty easy to get. Its the piano music that I'm having a hard time finding.

If any of the awesome people here don't mind, I'd like a little advice.
I'm drawing a blank on what would be a good beginner jam as far as music that I like to listen to. The frustrating part, is that we both play extremely versatile instruments and I think it whould be really easy to find material for these.

Music that we're interest in starting with:
1. Blues (The first thing that came to mind, blues piano rules!)
2. Some basic Jazz.
3. A bit of Rock and Roll 1950-60 style.

Any input would be awesome, I really appreciate it!
hmmm http://eskimofriends.com/tabs.asp has damien rice sheet music for free.... not exactly what you was looking for but some nice pieces to learn... Specially for guitar and piano.

Also if you goto any music book site they usually have digital downloads (preview pages) where you get the first page.. and thats usually the first verse at the very least. I'm learning piano atm and ive been getting the first pages learning what I can then figuring the rest out...

Try Norah Jones - Shoot the moon, brilliant guitar parts and some nice piano...
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@Blues: If you have guitar pro, I could tab a regular blues piano session for you?
Else, I could tell you here.

@Jazz: And just play jazz chords. Play lots of colored chords and II-V-I progression.

@Rock'n'roll: Jerry Lee Lewis<3
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