right, im saving up for a new guitar, and i change my tuning alot, and im not sure if i should choose a guitar that has a floyd rose because of this, so how much of a hassle is it to change tuning when you've got a floyd rose?

sorry for the dumb question
Changing tunings often for a Floyd Rose is gonna f*** you over.

Aside from it being harder to tune than a regular guitar, you need to adjust the bridge every time you do it so that the tension is good.

Just get a string thru or something.
if you change from a standard to a drop tuning (such as standard to drop d) i advise gettting a drop d tuna, but you will have to block the trem
no floyd rose for me then XD

i find de-tuning my strat annoying already, >.<

now to find a decent string through guitar.
If you have the cash flow and it's absolutely essential that you have a Floyd Rose - buy a guitar for every tuning you use.

Steady cash flow really is essential to this though...
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I'll do that, lemme just rob a bank first, then you can give me a list of the guitars

It's a pain in the butt...gets tedious. My FR geetar is tuned to Drop Db, and it's staying that way, because I will not fiddle with the set-up anymore, it's driving me mad >.<
its a nightmare. enough for me to be saving up for a hardtail even though the guitar i have now is fine. the undoing of the locking nut and constant readjusting of the bridge drives me nuts.
^If set up and locked tightly, it won't go out of tune for a few weeks even with abuse.
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