Here is my latest creation that I want to share with you guys, its an instrumental metal song called Twiddle-De-Dee, my friends told me it sounds like Joe Satriani (I dont think it does) but I'll let you guys be the judge of how it sounds.

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I honestly loved that. It sounded like Magic Pie mixed with a little mainstream nu metal (at some points in the song). The solo was great. I think the reason behind me loving is song is that it is built around melody instead of riffing, which to my ears, sounds much more musical than the common song. Great job!

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That was pretty interesting. You werent kidding when you said "happy", I could definately feel the happy vibe in that song. I thought the production was pretty good. Are you going to be adding vocals to it? Or just leave it instrumental? Overall pretty cool man, just a little happy sounding for my tastes.

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^ This is an instrumental. I am not going to add any vocal parts to it.
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A few of my originals can be found at

Start is nicely Smashing Pumpkinsy. Good alternation between clean at the start and the gained guitar from then on out.
I like the way you repeat that main guitar theme. All the guitar is really tight, timing and sound of the guitar is spot on.
It's the best rock song I've seen on UG today, that main guitar line is really catchy and memorable. The drums are also tight and good, definitely fits the style.

I like the solo, tones pretty good, and the harmonising is great, again very well executed, and it the first one leads well into the second, piano-backed one. Almost Slash-like that. The stucture of the track is actually fantastic, it comes back into the final section of the song after the solo well, and it's just long enough to develop, without being at all repetitive.

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i loved the melody line in this song, but what felt let the song down a bit was the intro, the clean section muffled my speakers, or somehting was weird lol

the tone on the 2 guitars sound great, i really love that theme A though (thats what ill call it)
the breakdown section before the solo was really well down and timed well, the solo is great and made better by nice sounding harmonies

the piano rhythm under the real melodic solo sound good especially with the following 1/4 sort of section,

Its like a mini medly lol

WHoah hang on those four minutes went hell fast lol. thats means i wasnt bored from it hahah that means it was well made

Overall ur composition skills are great, theme A cam in 2-3 times which was good didnt overuse or underuse are great idea

the tones on the distorted guitars sounded good, but the lead over the piano might need a bit opf tweaking it sounded to peaky over what i feel should be a more smoother sound

and +1 con, like i mentioned before was that the clean intro jsut muffled my speakers, so its either my speakers or just the mix, but should be easy fixed

awesome song really enjoyed loved listening to all the little sections and great lead work
I really liked this. It has a great pretty chilled out melody but with a bit of an edge as well and I love how it progresses. Very cool solo as well, good note selection and not just wild shredding. Good job!
dude this is cool. tone could do some work. but playing was sweet as. reminds me of john petrucci's suspended animation album a bit! nice one
This is really cool, for some reason reminded of some sort of pop-punk but heavier. I love the happy vibe in it, makes a change to the average metal song. I actually liked the tone, I thought that it fitted with the song quite well. The drums sound pretty good too. Nice soloing, I liked the one around the 2:19 mark. Oh, and I loved the clean guitar intro. Overall, a very nice composition, I think it should stay instrumental.

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Nice arrangement. yes must agree the intro is a bit Smashing Pumpkin's and I do feel this leans towards the Satriani camp in respect to the main melody's use of broken chord lines but hey who cares... LOL these days unfortunately everything kind of sounds like something else and it is so hard to carve out your own signature let alone your influences creeping in at any given moment. (I would hope most could agree upon that)

I like the piano motif around 3:00 it breaks things up a bit.