ok, im trying to learn this song on guitar but my book say there is 7 guitars, i want to play slash's parts so could someone tell me which guitars are dave and which are slash?
theres a last fight tab on UG that is decent enough, just search for it
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Is that really too hard to figure out? Slash plays lead.

And isn't this supposed to be in the Tab talk forum?
I know what you're talking about, I have the book too, and it's always a pleasant pain in the ass to try and figure out who's who. Unfortunately I'm home for the weekend and I left my book up at school so I can't tell you for sure, but off the top of my head if I can remember as much as possible, the melodic intro is Slash (as well as any other time that figure or similar ones show up), the full chords that follow the intro are Slash, and the solo of course which shouldn't be that hard to recognize is Slash. When I get back to school, if no one has replied with an exact answer, and hopefully if I remember altogether, I'll try and sort through the numbers. What I would also recommend is that if you're adept at reading musical notation, that you go on youtube, find a live performance of VR playing the song, and look through the book as they play so you can hopefully get a greater visual feel for who's playing which part.
its not difficult, the tab link i posted shows who plays what
should be in the tab talk forum, but i cba asking for it to be fixed
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