Hey, i bought a mister Cry baby super model ew-95v wah pedal on ebay a several months ago. i knew it was older and a little dirty when i bought it for about 30 dollars so i figured it wasn't going to work perfectly. it doesn't work right that's for sure, in wah mode it seems to be a lot quieter than any other wah pedal i've used and in nonwah mode it seems to sort of short out when i move the pedal. so i took it to my local guitar shop and the guy there said the pot was messed up and the wiring may need to be replaced. I wasn't sure exactly what he advised to do about the messed up parts on the pedal. so my question is what do you think my course of action should be? should i replace the pot and see if it works any better? recommend somewhere to get a pot if you can. or should i try and look for wiring too? again recommend a site to get these specific parts if you will. thanks for your time.