A few days ago, I was at my local Guitar Center trying out a B-52 AT-100 100W tube head. I have only heard good things about this amp, and since I'm playing with a mediocre solid-state, I was looking into it.
So I turned on the standby, let the tubes warm up for a few minutes, and turned it on to try it out, but after only a few minutes, the amp starting kind of popping and hissing and getting really weird feedback. A salesman came over and flipped off the standby switch, but all he had to say was "Wow I've never seen a B-52 do that before". So I tried it again a few minutes later, and it happened again, so I left.
So what does this mean? Is this a faulty amp, or does it have worn-out tubes, or did I not let it warm up enough?
I have no tube experience, so I'm just wondering if it was something I did, or if I should look at a different amp.
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It could have been the amp, guitar or cable. Did you try switching the latter two?
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^ is right. Bad tubes make sound cut in and out, not really pop.
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Hmmm.... well I was using my own guitar, but I didn't think about switching the cable.... I bet it was the cable, because I had some trouble with it on a different amp also... and it made sounds like when you have a bad cable. Thanks, guys
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