hello, we are a metal band with solos and other uses of technical "ability", if you wanna hear just click this link and have a listen if ya want, they are live recordings but they are still pritty cool, have fun , since this is UG we would also love some feedback from you? anything you think could be improved within the preformance, thnk you


and a video of us live, big stage, solo', jumps, AND a tribal style drum fill, it's intrestin' stuff it is

toXin live!
slower with a catchy opening riff woo
dont really like it but i guess thats cuz im not into metal too much
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I see my guitar as a chick because I'd be damned if i were ever holding / fingering a guy for hours a day.

well iv been by your myspace, now im not really into that kinda music so i cant really give my decent 2 cents but it sounds organized and put together all band mates seem to have great technique.

Keep Rockin!
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