So yeah...
I'm on my lunch break so I go to the local Sheetz to get a sandwich and a pack of cigs. I park next to this county mounty and he's talking to this lady. I'm a people watcher so I over hear the conversation.

Lady: I can't find my way to Homestead (a section of Pittsburgh) can you help me?
Cop: Uhhhmmmm....... Homestead? (this is a Pittsburgh cop!! It's in his jurisdiction!)
Lady: Well I have a GPS and I don't know where I am (!!!!!!!)
Cop: Well....... turn right at that light (she needed to go left actually!) And then follow that till you get to a sign that says I279 and then follow that to Pittsburgh!

And she left and turned right..... She's gotta be in Ohio by now!
Anyone else witness something similar with unknowledgeable law enforcement?
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
epic fail for woman
epic win for cop
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I do stuff like that all the time...

"Where's Outgaits Lane?"

"Go left down there, go up the hill, turn right after and then you're there."

It leaves me with some michevious satifaction.
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