So I bought my first guitar a while ago. Nothing too spectacular and I knew nothing about getting my guitar set up. Now I ask you, where can I go to get my guitar professionally set up? I heard guitar center does this for a fee but I don't know for sure. Could anyone tell me where I can go? Thanks
Where did you buy your guitar? And: probably there.
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Most music stores will do it, shop around for the best deal.
Well the answer is: Any music store. IMO, it'll run you anything from $30 to $100.

BUT: There's a lot of bad guitar techs out there. They'll just slap on new strings, adjust the bridge, turn the truss rod a couple of times and call it a set-up. This is what is called a complete "rip-off"

A good setup is very very important. Though it's tasking, I suggest you go to your nearest music stores(call before hand to see if the tech is there) and go meet the tech, show him your guitar and ask him what he will most probably do to it(and how much). A good tech loves talking about guitars and a person that will give you a good up and down summary of what he thinks needs to be changed, is usually a clue that he is someone you can trust. If your guitar is cheap, you should also ask what is worth doing and what is not(he should answer this too) If he's just like "oh pay the guy at the counter and I'll set it up"...or gives you disrespect because of your age/skill level/guitar type, walk out of the store. Also, word of mouth is an excellent thing to look into to.

I know two professional guitarists that travel pretty far to get to a tech they trust. One of them pays $300 for a good tech to give it a "professional set up" every year. As in a set-up meeting the needs of a professional performer NOT a set up done by a professional.

A good setup will usually mean that your guitar will be good for upwards to a year. With a bad setup, you might be going in after 4months. (so consider this when you're thinking about the price as well as how much your guitar cost)

Sorry for the long post, but I've experienced too many headaches from bad techs.
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